Yoga Class Schedule January 2019

I’ve posted the yoga classes for January.  I designed the lunch time Energizing Vinyasa Flow class as a midday revitalizer.  Undo the stress knots and muscle aches then return to your day activities refreshed.

Yoga Classes Taught by Desiree Merulli L.Ac., EAMP, RYT
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Lunch Hour Energizing Vinyasa Flow Yoga-FREE

Enjoy a fun, energizing, flow class rooted in power Vinyasa to enhance your fluidity & strength. Use your breath to build heat, release toxins, & regain focus.


1/2 12:45-1:45 Wednesday Energizing Vinyasa Flow Yoga
1/9 12:45-1:45 Wednesday Energizing Vinyasa Flow Yoga
1/23 12:45-1:45 Wednesday Energizing Vinyasa Flow Yoga
1/30 12:45-1:45 Wednesday Energizing Vinyasa Flow Yoga


All levels & everyone welcome! Feel free to invite a friend.

All Classes are held in Winter Garden Atrium at the Medical Dental Building, on the 3rd floor

As space is limited, Please Reserve Your Space Here!



You’re Invited! Free Yoga Classes September-November

I have posted 2 new yoga class series and wanted to invite you to attend. My classes are all levels, focused on the beginner as well as the advanced student. You are welcome to join anytime, and participate at the level that works for you or you may simply rest on the mat and take a break from your day. 🙂

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Energizing Vinysasa Flow

Enjoy a fun, energizing, flow class focused on detox & stress reduction. Sequence rooted in power Vinyasa to enhance your fluidity and strength. Use your breath to build heat, release toxins, & regain focus. All levels and everyone welcome! Feel free to invite a friend.

9/6 Thursday 1:15-2:15
9/12 Wednesday 2:15-3:15
9/27 Thursday 1:15-2:15
10/4 Thursday 1:15-2:15
10/11 Thursday 11:45-12:45
10/18 Thursday 2:15-3:15
10/24 Wednesday 12:15-1:15
11/1 Thursday 1:15-2:15
11/8 Thursday 11:45-12:45
11/15 Thursday 1:15-2:15
11/21 Wednesday 1:15-2:15
11/29 Thursday 1:15-2:15

Restorative Flow Yoga

Refresh & restore deeply with mindfulness. Focus on your breath as a tool to enhance the elasticity of your fascia and heal your connective tissues. Gentle supported poses are held longer to allow the body & mind to release tension so you may fully relax for an extended Savasana. All levels and everyone welcome! Feel free to invite a friend.

9/20 Thursday 1:15-2:15
10/4 Thursday 5:15-6:15

As space is limited, it is helpful to me if you register for the classes online or let me know and I’ll register you.

Mats provided. ☺

All Classes are held in Winter Garden Atrium at the Medical Dental Building, on the 3rd floor  509 Olive Way Seattle, WA 98101


Classes are be posted Online for easy reference and registration.

Thank you for being a part of my practice!

Peace and health,


Using Your Breath To Balance Your Emotions

Most of us may notice that taking a breath is calming, but did you know you can actually use your breath to monitor your emotional states?


This article written by Rolf Sovik of Yoga International offers different types of breath awareness to tune into and therefore balance your emotional states.  As we approach the winter season and the darker months this becomes especially important for all of us.

Rolf details the different emotions and how to use your breath awareness to regain balance.

Mudra: Make A Fist, Heal Your Emotions

Mushti MudraMudra is a Sanskrit term for gesture, mark or seal and is used in yoga, meditation and other types of healing.

There are numerous mudras, each with a specific purpose and benefit.  As a perpetual student of Eastern Medicine and energy healing, I feel its important to reference the similarities of these sciences.

In Chinese medicine, the hand is one of many microsystems or fractals in our body with acupuncture points (Marma points in the Ayurvedic system).  Mudras, acupuncture, and massage therapy activate the energy in these points.  In both systems, the palmar surface of the hand contains the internal organ points, and relates to the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the organ.

The Mushti Mudra, pictured above, heals our restrained emotions and digestion.  Anger and frustration are connected to the liver; grief and letting go are connected to the lungs and large intestine.

We all know being upset stagnates our digestion.  Often we will try to soothe our feelings by either not eating or overeating; both responses make the problem worse.  When we make a fist, the Mushti Mudra activates these points and starts the healing process in both your mind and body.  Essentially you are telling your brain to wring out your emotions and your gut.


Next time you feel upset, try this easy Mushti Mudra:


  1. Inhale and make a fist, squeezing your thumb over your fingers
  2. Exhale and let your fist relax open.


As you inhale and exhale notice the sensation of your breath through your body, and how your body feels afterward.  Also note if you felt the emotional or the physical discomfort first.  This will help you get in tune with and heal your body.

I like to start with both hands at the same time, then alternate between left and right one at a time, and then back to both hands together.

I’d love to hear how this mudra works for you.  Send me an email if you have questions or would like to share your experience.



Shirodhara New Service At Merulli Acupuncture


Special offer for you: 

Schedule your Shirodhara session by February 29th and receive $25 off  Book Now


Restorative Shirodhara oil massage of the 3rd eye Chakra (Anja), soothes your body and mind.


I’m excited to offer Shirodhara to my patients. Shirodhara is a deeply nourishing Ayurvedic treatment that calms the body and mind.


Benefits of Shirodhara:


  • Reduces headaches, fatigue, stress, anxiety, and irritability
  • Leaves your hair soft and silky, and prevents hair fall
  • Regulates the endocrine system
  • Softens facial lines and refreshes your complexion
  • Improves sleep
  • Engages your parasympathetic nervous system, providing deep relaxation and mental clarity
  • Enhances other therapies, such as yoga, acupuncture, massage and meditation


Journey through a seamless rhythm of traditional Tibetan bodywork modalities that conclude with the pouring of a luxurious stream of warm infused oil over the forehead. Available at the Seattle clinic location.

$90.  45-60 minute session.  Book Now



New Service!

Acupuncture helps you focus at work


Introducing a new service at Merulli Acupuncture: The Express Acupuncture Treatment. 

Enjoy an abbreviated treatment for the perfect “pick me up”.  Take a break and perk up your day with a quick and effective boost.  This wellness treatment focuses on relaxation of your body and mind so you can return to your day refreshed and calm.

Enjoy gentle acupuncture of the hands, feet and ears.  Includes Merulli Signature Scalp Massage with essential oils.

30 minute treatment. Available now at both clinics. $60. Book Now

Acupuncture Effects Brainwaves

This article illustrates the effects of acupuncture on brainwaves. These two points when combined with Pericardium 6 are known as the Buddha triangle and are deeply calming and centering. I use this treatment frequently when helping my patients deal with stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression. The treatment helps the person feel calm but also enables them to focus better. Read more…