Easy Delicious Salad

This IMG_1853is by far one of my favorite foods. Its quick and easy and the lime juice dressing helps to stave off sugar cravings. You will want to use this dressing on everything!

Its best to make the dressing fresh, in order to maximize the vitamin C concentration.  But, feel free to store any left over and pour over your curries, eggs, and even sweet potatoes.  Although lemons and limes are acidic by nature, they help alkalize your blood and enhance metabolism. Vitamin C also increases your absorption of iron from greens.

Green Papaya Salad Som Tom

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: Easy
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A fresh, satisfying Thai-inspired dish. Perfect for Paleo dining, and is also dairy free, grain free, gluten free.



  • 3 Carrots, finely Shredded
  • 1 Large Green Papaya, Shredded.  Use Zucchini As Alternate
  • 15 Cilantro Leaves
  • 15 Mint Leaves
  • 1 Handful Roasted Peanuts, Lightly Crumbled
  • 2 Inches Thinly Shaved Scallion, Green Part Only
  • 8-10 Green Beans or Pea Pods


  • 8 Limes Juiced
  • 4 T Maple Syrup
  • 4 T Fish Sauce
  • 1 Fresh Thai Chili, preferably the red kind, crushed or sliced
  • Olive Oil, 2 Drizzles (Optional)


  • Large Shrimp, Boiled
  • Chicken Breast, Boiled or Steamed, Then Shredded
  • Tofu, Grilled
  • Salmon, Grilled or Seared
  • Grass Fed Steak (will work fine but this dish lends itself to a lighter protein)


To make the dressing pour all dressing ingredients into a jar with lid and shake.  Adjust to taste.  I prefer a lot of lime juice, so I could easily use 10 limes.  Let this rest while you prepare the salad and protein. This will allow flavors to ripen and extract the heat from the chili.

Shred the papaya and the carrots using a Thai Shredder.  I purchased mine from Amazon.  This tool produces a nice thin elongated shred, that is satisfying to twirl around a fork or grasp with chopsticks.  I also have a zoodler/spiralizer but the papaya turns out too thick and heavy for this delicate dish.  Toss in most of the cilantro and mint and reserve a few leaves for your garnish.

Pour the dressing in a large bowl and toss with the papaya, carrots, cilantro and mint.  Set aside while you prepare the protein (if using).

Dry Roast the peanuts in a cast iron or stainless steel skillet.  Heat the skillet and throw in the nuts and keep shaking the skillet across the flame or burner until slightly golden.  Set aside. Lightly crush when cooled.  I have 2 granite mortar and pestles from Thai Import Foods that I love.

Cook your protein and chill for 5-10 minutes.  Boiled shrimp is my favorite.  I recently found some Argentine Wild Raw Shrimp From Trader Joes that had the perfect texture and lightness.  If you do the salmon, its really good if you lightly char one side.  I recommend rinsing seafood and any meats in cool water and pat dry before cooking to bring out the freshest taste.

In a large bowl or a plate with a raised edge, arrange the salad and top with your protein and crushed peanuts.  Garnish with remaining mint and cilantro and enjoy.

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10 Tips For The Cold And Flu Season

Acupuncture is very helpful in preventing colds and flu and accelerating healing.  Getting treatment is most effective right when you feel it coming on or when you are near the end.  It will also help during the middle of the cold/flu but its much more powerful at the beginning or the end.  Getting a treatment right when you notice the achy shoulders, fatigue, hint of a sore throat or nasal stuffiness will help you kick it before it gets you.

The CDC describes the flu season as the fall and winter months with a peak in February.  However the flu and cold germs are present everywhere year round and getting acupuncture regularly will boost your immunity.

1.  Enjoy some healing broth with fresh grated ginger and sliced scallions.  Bone

Broth with scallions and ginger will soothe a sore throat

broth is an ancient East Asian Medicine recipe for healing everything from colds and flu to injuries and post surgical recovery.  Ginger and scallions will help disperse phlegm and warm your system.  If you don’t have the energy to make the broth from scratch, some of the boxed broths aren’t too bad.  I have used the Whole foods organic low sodium broth.  It may not have all the nutrients as cooking the broth down yourself, but when you are sick, it will soothe and nourish you.  Regular consumption of bone broth will enhance your metabolism and overall health.

2.  Stay away from cough drops-even the “natural” ones as the sugar inflames the throat and keeps you coughing (and buying them).  If you need something to soothe your throat, take a teaspoon of raw honey, a dash of lemon and a teaspoon of grated fresh ginger as a tea in warm water.  Raw honey is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral/bacterial and an expectorant.  The ginger is warming and dispersing and will help get rid of the phlegm.  If you really think you want a cough drop, its better to get a piece of hard candy that you actually enjoy and do just that. Often when we are ill, we feel down and are in need of comfort and cough drops are an easy trap.

3.  Fresh pineapple juice contains bromelain, an immune boosting enzyme that helps break down phlegm in the body.  This provides relief especially if you have it sticking to the back of your throat.  But it must be real and fresh, not canned/frozen etc.  Please take the juice at room temperature in small amounts.

4.  Avoid sugar-it causes inflammation.

5.  Get rest.  Now is the time to take care of yourself.

6.  Take Vitamin D daily.  It will boost your immunity and your mood.
7.  Go outside often, even when the weather isn’t great to keep you in tune with the seasons.  This goes a long way to building your immunity and health.

8.  Frequently wash your hands using regular soap.  Anti-bacterial soap reduces your natural immunity.  You may also use alcohol based hand sanitizers.

9.  Stay home from work when you are sick.  This will allow you to get better faster and also avoid spreading the illness to others.  Going to work ill reduces the productivity of everyone else and prolongs your time being sick.

10.  Seasonal acupuncture tune-ups will keep your immune system running smoothly and prevent illness.

Tired of getting sick during the winter months?  To find out how acupuncture can help you,  contact me or schedule online.

Using Your Breath To Balance Your Emotions

Most of us may notice that taking a breath is calming, but did you know you can actually use your breath to monitor your emotional states?


This article written by Rolf Sovik of Yoga International offers different types of breath awareness to tune into and therefore balance your emotional states.  As we approach the winter season and the darker months this becomes especially important for all of us.

Rolf details the different emotions and how to use your breath awareness to regain balance.

Fall Pumpkin Curry Soup

The health benefits of pumpkin are numerous:


  • High fiber keeps you fuller longer, aiding weight loss
  • Rich in L-Tryptophan, which promotes better sleep and also helps with depression and mood.
  • High in potassium
  • Antioxidants protect skin
  • Vitamin A improves vision, nourishes skin and bones.
  • Aids in digestion
  • Reduces phlegm


Pumpkin Curry Soup




This rich and dreamy soup will warm up your core and provide prefect nutrition for your family.  Feel free to enjoy throughout the Fall/Winter Season.



2 Tbs. Sesame or peanut oil

1 Yellow Onion, chopped

Ginger 1 inch shredded

1 Fresh Garlic

2 Tbs. Thai Chili Paste

1 Tbs.  Coriander seeds, crushed

1 Tsp. Cumin seeds, crushed

3 Kaffir lime leaves, sliced

1 Can Organic Coconut Milk

2 Cans Organic Pumpkin

1 Cup Broth-Of Your Choice

Splash of Thai Fish Sauce (use soy sauce for vegetarian option)

Garnish: Chopped Cilantro/ Basil and Fresh Chilies

Optional Protein Garnish: Shrimp, fish, chicken, or tofu works well in this dish. Simply cook separately then add before serving.



Sauté the onion, garlic and ginger with oil in the skillet until translucent and add coriander seeds. 
Add the broth and simmer for a few minutes. 
Add the pumpkin, chili paste, fish sauce and coconut milk. 
Stir and simmer until bubbly. Garnish and enjoy.